Big Data

Big Data

We at Stoneworks understand that information is at the core of the enterprise in making critical business decisions moving forward. The dramatic increase in the amount of data as well as the variety of forms data takes is transforming businesses and governments. Stoneworks is aligned with Global leaders for Big Data solutions in order to obtain a return on information (a new definition for “ROI”).

The term Big Data has been in existence for some time but the market has drastically changed with several factors influencing that change. The growth of data, internet of things as well as value from the data stored are some of those factors. Businesses today understand more than ever that they need to profit from all the information assets that they are collecting and storing. Stoneworks together with our Big Data partners can help our client’s optimization solutions and quickly and efficiently to obtain business value from the data growth that is occurring. Gaining value from the stored data is critical in any Big Data implementation.

We have partnered with several key Big Data Global companies to deliver best of bread software and hardware that is purpose built;

Please visit our partner’s websites around Big Data solutions and engage with the team at Stoneworks to start gaining value and business insights.